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Consulting Services

Process development

– Locating and evaluating suitable technologies for a business. – Conceptual flowsheeting for preliminary business evaluation.

– Flowsheeting of developmental technology for process and business evaluation.

– Interaction with technology development organisations (e.g. CSIR) to cover areas other than core technology.

– Evaluation and specification of plant and equipment.
– Evaluation of investment models and the production of operating cost structures.


Process investigations

– Investigations of plant performance.
– Troubleshooting plant problems.
– Development and implementation of solutions to operational problems.


Project engineering

– Capital cost estimation.
– Engineering management.
– Engineering design.
– Equipment specification and selection. – Investigations of plant performance.


Project management

– Project management for both project development and project implementation.
– Provision of engineering skills for a client project team where such skills do not exist within the client organisation or are in short supply i.e. integrating with the client organisation. Client confidentiality is strictly maintained.
– Commissioning planning and management services



– Technical audits.
– Due diligence studies.
– Chemical handling systems. – Technology custodianship.


Handling of hazardous chemicals

Ardeer Engineering has been involved in a number of large ammonia tank inspections which required draining the tanks, doing the inspections of the tank walls and then refilling the tank.


Carbon credits

Having been part of one of the first operational certified emission reduction (CER) carbon credit projects in South Africa, Ardeer Engineering has particular expertise in the requirements for validation and certification of carbon credit projects, particularly those involving biogas.

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